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    RC Mini Relay Controller    

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Controls four relays with a single RC joystick
Option M - mixing for skid steering
Option S - no mixing
On-board LEDs to help set RC trim and reversing switches
24V 150mA capacity per driver
Drivers shut down if RC servo signals are lost
20 msec delay on motor reversal
RC servo signals are optically isolated from relay drivers
0.5 x 1.6 inch board
The RC mini relay controller provides forward/off/reverse relay drivers for two DC motors or on/off control for four solenoids or lights. Option M provides right-left mixing for wheel/track motors with skid steering. Option S has no mixing. The user must supply relays and barrier strips.
User's manual for model m_070901

"We purchased a couple of your mini relay controllers for my son to use for a competition (AEM Construction Challenge). He wanted to create a tank like vehicle. He was able to use the MRCs with no problems. The team finished first at the national competition winning a small scholarship for each of the team members. Thanks for a great controller."